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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Student Reading & Comics

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Do you know a student who is struggling to read? Visual stimuli might be the hook for these readers. Higher levels of thinking and tracking occurs with readers who are comic lovers. Who doesn't love a comic book? How many did you read when you were younger?

Consider using comics that first week of school......what a great reading incentive for "hooking" your new students in their reading for enjoyment. Later revisit a "Comic" unit during history and have them work in groups of three to retell a historical moment through comic-frame shots and captions.

Check out the suggested 26 "important" comics, show the students this bit of reading history during a comic introduction.

Enjoy your re-discovery,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Get "Caught" Reading

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Did you know that there was a photo contest for readers "in-action"?

Check out this video of 2007 entries, use it to inspire reading with some "mood" music and you have just set the stage for your back-to-school "free" reading environment.

Caught Reading Photos


Monday, July 21, 2008

Engaging male reluctant readers with technology tools

Are you wondering how others are inspiring those reluctant male readers? In the article, "A+ ADVICE: Can technology re-Kindle boy's interests in reading? by Leanna Landsman (7/21/08) the debate about plugging reluctant readers into technology is proving some benefits, just click the above title to read the entire article. Landsman stated, "Taking a "cross-media" approach is important, Harvey says. "It teaches your sons that we learn from a range of sources and makes them more eager consumers of information." I have found this to be a promising factor from 21st Century learning experiences, using the technology beyond the classroom and offering the book as the "missing link" with the technology tool of choice creates an interest hook in which to engage otherwise uninterested readers.

The article offers a further study to check out, "The 2008 Kids & Family Reading Report, a survey of children ages 5 through 17, found that kids who go online to extend their reading experience — by going to author Web sites or connecting with other readers — are more likely to read for fun every day. For more on the report, go to:

Enjoy these technology updates,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reading & the Arts

Summer Planning for the Fall . . . . . . . . . .

Artstart is an organization that was designed to enhance reading skills through the use of the arts (theatre, puppets, music, dance, visual arts, etc). In the school district of Charlotte-Mecklenburg teachers meet with the art teachers over the summer to collaborate and learn instructional design options for integrating the arts into their reading lessons.

What a beautiful connection. Click the posting title for the home page and discover what other teachers are using. Not all education is driven for testing, making the difference includes balancing a reading program with creative opportunitites for active participation and engaging skill practice !

To view the lessons, either scroll down to the section entitled "Arts-Integrated Curriculum" and click the word "online". . . . . or click to enter the page from this site. Pick the year to review below, enjoy your discoveries:

2007-2008 Lesson plans

2005-2006 Lesson plans

Enjoy your fall planning,

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