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Thursday, August 28, 2008

International Literacy Day: Sept 8, 2008

Welcome back to a new year of educational discoveries !

If you haven't investigated IRA's website, click on the above title to learn about this wonderful day of celebrating literacy within the United States and around the globe. As educators we have a passion for literacy for all students, yet we often get bogged down in the instructional design of our lessons and we become "separated" from the "united goal" of all educators. Take a moment to be renewed, to remember you aren't alone in your classroom, and to ignite your flame for literacy for all who enter your opened doors of literacy success.

Book mark this site, Reading Across the Continents, it is a site which connects students and teachers "Around the World via Technology and Literature."


Friday, August 22, 2008

African Library Project

Don't forget to click the title above for the website connection.

With school beginning, what will your students be doing as a global connection beyond the classroom?

The African Library Project would be an excellent outreach fundraiser for your classroom, for a building service project (PTA sponsored), or for a grade level service project. As you know, providing global connections for our students will inspire interest into the world in which they are growing up. Many buildings or grade levels have global community themes every year, consider adding this project to your instructional design. Opening the window to the world through international classroom connections is one seed planted in a child's heart towards global acceptance!

Chris Bradshaw, founder of the African Library Project, says, "Studentslearn that they can have a profound impact on the lives of hundreds ofAfricans who otherwise don't have easy access to books. During the courseof a book drive they learn about Africa, gain an appreciation of our ownresources, develop leadership skills and build local community spirit asthey help start a small library in Africa. It's amazing what we can do whenwe roll up our sleeves and work together."


PBS: ABCs Shows

Just click the title above for access to the article.

"It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Super WHY team, soaring over Storybrook Village. The animated characters jump inside books and look for answers to questions they have." Out of the Blue Enterprises LLC

While picking up her pre-schooler, this parent was given a free DVD as part of a major initiative by the Department of Education in conjucture with a multimillion dollar grant with PBS to produce shows that would help children with their reading skills.

Check your local PBS scheduling to find these shows and then sit with your little ones for a few moments of "virtual reading."

Here's a link to the Super Why website:
Enjoy your reading skill discoveries with your younger readers !

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