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Monday, February 20, 2017

Love Bears All Things by Beth Wiseman

Love Bears All Things (Amish Secrets, #2)
ISBN: 9780529118721
Publisher's Synopsis:
Charlo­tte Dolinsky needs time to recover after breaking up with her boyfriend, Ryan. But when a surprise visitor shows up on her doorstep in Texas, she’s forced to put aside her own worries to help her Amish friends in Lancaster County. Soon she is entangled in a web of deception—and this time, she isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

Daniel Byler struggles each day in his Amish community to heal from his fiancée’s betrayal. When he discovers that a member of his family is in danger of being shunned, his pain turns to fear. His only way to help is by partnering with Charlo­tte, a woman he barely knows who has already deceived them all before.

Charlo­tte begins building a friendship with Daniel that she’ll need to lean on when more surprises surface from her past and she once again finds herself torn between two worlds. Will Charlotte’s friends in the Amish community be able to show her the power of redemption and lead her home? And can she help young Jacob realize that God offers second chances at happiness when she isn’t even sure herself?

"I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry."
MrsK's Review:
Charlotte's "visions" are getting more haunting. Unsure of what these images are trying to tell her, Charlotte knows that she is loosing grip on daily life. Could the stress of a break-up and then her brother's suicide be the "trigger" that is setting off these visions, the headaches, and the chest pains?

When Jacob leaves Lancaster County and arrives at Charlotte's doorstep, her communication with Hannah is rekindled. A friendship will always be a vehicle towards inner strength, that is if Charlotte will accept the invite to come and re-start her life in Lancaster. Is it possible to be forgiven?

Daniel is a man of strong principles. When Charlotte first came to Lancaster in search of answers, Daniel like Hannah wanted to help her. Once her deception became apparent, he knew she was not someone to trust. With her return, others might be willing to forgive but for him, her deception was his reason to stand convicted against her entering his life. If getting her brother's house readied for sale would get her further from Lancaster, then he would do what he could.

Shame, will cause much hurt. For Charlotte shame will bring an avenue for healing. For Jacob, shame will bring choices that could lead him home. And for Daniel, shame will open a door for discovering forgiveness and love.

"Never say never..."
"Home. Charlotte wondered where her home was going to be."
Another great story in the series!
Meet the Author:
Beth Wiseman "I wish I had the time to review books and chat with you here, but my writing deadlines just don't allow it. Please like my Fans of Beth Wiseman Page on Facebook where I try to post any news and interact with readers."

Beth is the best-selling and award winning author of the Daughters of the Promise series - Plain Perfect, Plain Pursuit, Plain Promise, Plain Paradise, and Plain Proposal. She is contracted with HarperCollins Christian Publishing. Her other series--the Land of Canaan Novels--begins with Seek Me With All Your Heart, then The Wonder of Your Love and now, His Love Endures Forever. Seek Me With All Your Heart is the first Amish fiction book selected as a Women of Faith novel in 2011. Beth has also written three contemporary Christian fiction novels, Need You Now published in 2012 and The House That Love Built in 2013. In The Promise, (2014) Beth jumps way outside the box.

This story takes readers far away from Amish Country and small Texas towns to a dangerous place on the other side of the world. Inspired by a true story, Beth believes this is the book she’s been working toward for a long time. 2015 brings Beth back to the Pennsylvania Amish with her new series, Amish Secrets. She is currently working on book #2 following much success with book #1, Her Brother's Keeper. 

"I received this book for free from the Fiction Guild for this review."
Thomas Nelson

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauck

A Royal Christmas Wedding (Royal Wedding #4)
ISBN: 9780310344537
Publisher's Synopsis:
It’s been five years since Avery Truitt and Prince Colin of Brighton Kingdom fell in love. But he broke her heart with no explanation.

Fast forward to present day, and Colin is Brighton’s most eligible bachelor now that cousin Stephen has married. When Avery’s father dies of a heart attack, she puts her life on hold and returns home to St. Simons Island, Georgia, to help Mama with the family restaurant. But Mama misses Avery’s sister Susanna, who lives four thousand miles away in Brighton Kingdom—and is expecting her first child. So Mama insists she and Avery spend the Christmas season in Brighton.

Colin and Avery are going to see each other a lot while she’s visiting. But she can’t forget the way he hurt her, and he didn’t expect his feelings to still be so strong.

Avery is torn between considering a future in Brighton and taking a coaching job in Georgia, and Colin is finally pushed to pursue what he really wants. Is it too late to convince Avery that she is his true love? And even if he does, will she make it to the chapel on Christmas Day to give him her heart?
"The good Lord doesn't forget His own, does He?"
MrsK's Review:
In 1834, in the Brighton Kingdom, Prince Michael was determined to climb the Pembroke Chapel's bell tower and ring the bell for his true love. It had been a long standing tradition to ring the bell announcing a royal wedding on Christmas day. Alas, it was not to be... for icy steps and slight push sent Prince Michael to his death.

In the present, Brighton is getting ready for its annual Christmas season. Prince Colin is dodging the crowds, as well as those persistent ladies of the Madeline & Hyacinth Live show. To Colin it appeared that he would be doing a civic duty by going on their show to promote the Christmas season. Never did he imagine that a taunting session about when he might ring the Christmas bell could ever become a possibility. At least not until Avery came back into his life.

Avery was only returning to Brighton because her mother wanted to spend the holiday "praying over" her eldest daughter and the soon to be baby prince or princess. With the death of her father, her mother just wasn't joyous. The news of her sister's pregnancy brought such determination back into her mother's spirit, there was no way Avery could refuse. Even though she never wanted to go back to Brighton. Will Avery be strong enough to handle being around Colin after he had dumped her? "Stowed away emotions" would begin to undermine the peace Avery was able to recover.

Rekindling a love takes a twist of fate when on the night of the Harvest Celebration, the tower bell rings out for the first time since 1834. Is the tower haunted? Is someone playing a cruel joke for the press? Could the bell have been rung as a "nudge" forward for Colin and Avery?

This story is such a delightful read, it will bring a smile to your face as these two perfectly "un-fitted" characters try to deny their feelings.
"God what are You doing?"
Completely joyful!
Excellent read for season!
Meet the Author:
Rachel Hauck  New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Rachel Hauck writes from sunny central Florida.

A RITA finalist and winner of Romantic Times Inspirational Novel of the Year, she writes vivid characters dealing with real life issues.

She loves to hear from readers. She also loves to encourage new writers and sits on the Executive Board of American Christian Fiction Writers..

A graduate of Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism, Rachel is an avid OSU football fan. She hopes to one day stand on the sidelines in the Shoe with Urban Meyer.
"I received this book for free from the Fiction Guild for this review."

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Revenants by Scott Kauffman

Revenants: The Odyssey Home
ISBN: 9781637327811
Publisher's Synopsis:
A grief-stricken candy-striper serving in a VA hospital following her brother's death in Viet Nam struggles to return home an anonymous veteran of the Great War against the skullduggery of a congressman who not only controls the hospital as part of his small-town fiefdom but knows the name of her veteran. A name if revealed would end his political ambitions and his fifty-year marriage. In its retelling of Odysseus' journey, Revenants casts a flickering candle upon the charon toll exacted not only from the families of those who fail to return home but of those who do.
"We would want someone trying to get him home to us."
MrsK's Review:
Are you looking for a story that will take you beyond your troubles. A story that will leave a mark upon your heart. A story in which someone's life is "calling out" for a listening ear?

In December of 1973, Betsy would be struggling with so many memories about her brother Nathan. They would be attending his services tomorrow and nothing in her life felt normal. When her choices begin spiraling, her father encourages her to volunteer at the VA hospital. At first the pain and suffering is beyond what Betsy wants to deal with, yet with the supportive wisdom of her father, Betsy realizes that her brother could have ended up in a VA ward.

At some point in our lives, we have had one of those forks in the road, one in which we must choose "grit" as our vehicle down a road not normally traveled. For Betsy, Ward 7 will be that road. As each of the veteran's stories begins to weave a bond within Betsy's heart, she begins having dreams in which her brother tells her something. What is he trying to share?

"Sometimes your patriotic duty is not to stand up but to scream, No!"
Why is there a floor upstairs that no one is allowed to enter? Who is receiving medical attention so closely guarded that no one is willing to discuss him with Betsy? With the help of Filbert, Betsy will begin a quest to uncover the truth about this veteran. Doesn't he have family? Wouldn't someone want to know where he is or that he is still alive? Could Bartholomew help this aging, sightless, veteran tell his story by using Morse code?

Betsy finds herself trapped in a race against time. Not only will she need to discover the identity of the veteran, but she will be facing opposition from Congressman Hanna.

When a story touches your heart in a way that it quivers, you know it's a story to be shared,
"You will learn soon enough, young lady, that everyone has their price.
Anyone can be bought. Anyone."
Uniquely written, mysteriously woven, and heart-touching!
Meet the Author:
Scott  Kauffman    Scott claims his fiction career began with a in-class book report written in Mrs. Baer's eighth-grade English class when, due to a conflict of priorities, he failed to read the book. An exercise of imagination was required. Scott snagged a B, better than the C he received on his last report when he actually read the book. Thus began his life-long apprenticeship as a teller of tales and, some would snidely suggest, as a lawyer as well, but they would be cynics, a race Oscar Wilde warned us knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Scott is the author of the legal-suspense novel, In Deepest Consequences, and a recipient of the 2011 Mighty River Short Story Contest and the 2010 Hackney Literary Award. His short fiction has been appeared in Big Muddy, Adelaide Magazine, and Lascaux Review. He is now at work on two novel manuscripts and a collection of short stories. He is an attorney in Irvine, California, where his practice focuses upon white-collar crime and tax litigation with his clients providing him endless story fodder. He graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and in the upper ten percent of his class from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, where he was a member of the Environmental Law Review and received the American Jurisprudence Award in Conflict of Laws.

"I received this book for free for this review"

The Cherished Quilt by Amy Clipston

The Cherished Quilt (Amish Heirloom, #3)
ISBN: 9780310341963
Publisher's Synopsis:
Emily Fisher is eager to meet the new employee at her father’s shop in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. But when Christopher Hochstetler arrives, his cold demeanor freezes her attempts at building a friendship.

Longing for a fresh start, Christopher travels from Ohio to Bird-in-Hand to work at his uncle’s shop. Christopher’s heart is still wounded from memories of home, and making new friends is the last thing on his mind—he knows the pain that comes with losing those you love. When Emily is kind to him, he tries to remain distant, but he soon finds himself stealing glances at her throughout the day.

When Christopher shares his tragic reasons for leaving home, Emily decides to make a quilt for him as a gesture of their friendship. Even though he is not a member of the church, she’s found someone with whom she can imagine a future. The two are quickly falling in love when a family emergency calls Christopher back to Ohio without warning.
"If you come to God broken, he will heal you
and make you whole again."
MrsK's Review:
Christopher is running from the horrible truth that he was responsible for his younger brother's death. Leaving behind his family's horse breeding and training business, Christopher is hoping to find some peace with his uncle in Lancaster County.

In Lancaster County, Emily is working on the accounting books for the Bird-In-Hand Harness Shop when Christopher arrives for his first day at work. With a welcoming spirit, Emily hopes that if she befriends Christopher she might find a way to help him move past the death of his brother.

For Emily helping Christopher will not be an easy road to travel. She will need to search her heart to see if she can be patient while Christopher moves beyond his pain. For Christopher he will need to rely on a listening heart, one in which his confessing the truth of his brother's death just might open a pathway for trust. When he gets a call to come home, the only hope Chris can accept is one that Emily has embedded within his heart. Will she understand his decision to leave without saying goodbye? Would "the pain slicing through his soul ever fade?"

Given the talents of the author, this endearing read brings back all of the characters from previous stories. Each of these delightful characters are so well crafted that it is truly a joy to see what is happening in their lives beyond where there story had previously ended.

Coming back home to Lancaster county is so sweet,
Beautifully sweet, a place where love has taken root!
Meet the Author:
Amy Clipston  Hi, I’m Amy Clipston. I am an author of Amish and Christian fiction with HarperCollins Christian Publishing. Most of my books focus on the Amish community, faith, and love. I also write romance novels and young adult inspirational stories.

"I received this book for free from the Fiction Guild for this review."

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles

Each Little Bird that Sings
ISBN: 0439881765
Publisher's Synopsis:
Ten-year-old Comfort Snowberger has attended 247 funerals. But that's not surprising, considering that her family runs the town funeral home. And even though Great-uncle Edisto keeled over with a heart attack and Great-great-aunt Florentine dropped dead--just like that--six months later, Comfort knows how to deal with loss, or so she thinks. She's more concerned with avoiding her crazy cousin Peach and trying to figure out why her best friend, Declaration, suddenly won't talk to her. Life is full of surprises. And the biggest one of all is learning what it takes to handle them.

"I come from a family with a lot of dead people."

MrsK's Review:
Comfort doesn't have a typical home life. Her family lives in a home above the funeral parlor. For generations her family has taken care so many of the locals in Snapfinger, Mississippi. Each family member has their own truly unique position, Comfort is known for her gifted word choice and her optimistic outlook, that is why she became the one who writes the obituaries for the local paper. At 10, it is rather an important position.

Declaration has been Comfort's best friend forever until school begins and then somethings just aren't as cool as it once was. With such tension between friends, the girls are no longer spending time together, that is until Aunt Florentine's death.

When the rains had swollen Snapfinger Creek, Comfort, Dismay, and her cousin Peach were heading to Listening Rock. That's when life took the most unexpected turn. Comfort will learn courage during the "messy glory" of life.

Crafted with delightful characters, insightful "life" sayings, and a heart-filling journey, this book is an example of life, friendship, and death. It would be a great book study companion to Tuck Everlasting and Bridge to Terabithia.
"When someone you know dies, it's your job to keep on living."
Amazing experience for every student in 3rd-5th grades!
Every school librarian will gladly add this to their shelves...

Meet the Author:
Deborah WIles. high-res photo credit: Sonya Sones  Deborah Wiles was born in Alabama and spent her summers in a small Mississippi town with an extended family full of characters. She writes about them and they live on in her stories.

She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College and taught at Towson University in Maryland, Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at Vermont College.

Deborah has written three novels about growing up in the south. They are known as the Aurora County Trilogy: Love, Ruby Lavender, Each Little Bird That Sings, The Aurora County All-Stars.

Scholastic Reading Club

Friday, January 13, 2017

Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle

ISBN: 978084189279
Publisher's Synopsis:
In this classic book, Madeleine L'Engle addresses the questions, What makes art Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian artist? What is the relationship between faith and art? Through L'Engle's beautiful and insightful essay, readers will find themselves called to what the author views as the prime tasks of an artist: to listen, to remain aware, and to respond to creation through one's own art.

"A book, too, can be a star, explosive material, 
capable of stirring up fresh life endlessly, 
a living fire to lighten the darkness,
leading out into the expanding universe."
MrsK's Review:
As to a response to this books calling, " listen, to remain aware, and to respond to creation through one's own art," I must admit that there is a desire to applaud the many essays within the covers of this book.

As the author expresses her life-long discernment, the quality of word choice is seasoned with her voice of wisdom and is profoundly woven with grace and respect for the art of expression, design, and creativity. How do you live your talents? What brings you joy in your life? When in service, what inspires you to be at your best?

Once you've read these essays, re-read with a pencil and hi-lighter. Mark up those pages as you are "listening" for inspiration. Then, I challenge you to re-read once again as you journal your thoughts (use the discussion questions as your guide). Then revisit... often!

These reflections are crafted with an intention towards listening, contemplating, and learning. Multiple readings is recommended. Savoring the well seasoned bits of advice is what brings you joy.
This is a personal gift for you from Mrs. L'Engle...
Enjoy the journey,
"You have to write the book that wants to be written.
And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups,
then you write it for children."
Amazing experience...
Added to my reflection table for continued visits!
Meet the Author:
Madeleine L'Engle
Madeleine L'Engle was an American writer best known for her Young Adult fiction, particularly the Newbery Medal-winning A Wrinkle in Time and its sequels A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and Many Waters. Her works reflect her strong interest in modern science: tesseracts, for example, are featured prominently in A Wrinkle in Time, mitochondrial DNA in A Wind in the Door, organ regeneration in The Arm of the Starfish, and so forth.

As the years passed and the children grew, Madeleine continued to write and Hugh to act, and they to enjoy each other and life. Madeleine began her association with the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, where she has been the librarian and maintained an office for more than thirty years. After Hugh's death in 1986, it was her writing and lecturing that kept her going. She has now lived through the 20th century and into the 21st and has written over 60 books and keeps writing. She enjoys being with her friends, her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren."

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Penguin Random House

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug! by Caroline B. Cooney

Caroline B. Cooney
ISBN: 9780310754732
Publisher's Synopsis:
I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug!, written by bestselling author Caroline B. Cooney, is a playful and comforting bedtime book that imagines all the wonderful ways a child might give and receive a hug.
Whether it’s a big bear, gasp for air, knock over a chair hug or a wet and drippy, slimy, slippy fish hug, children will giggle their way through all the imaginative examples. Cooney’s sweet and simple rhymes encourage playful interaction between parent and child and ultimately help them wind down before they snuggle into bed and drift off to sleep.
MrsK's Review:
Did you know that there are more than "bear hugs?" In this delightful read aloud, there are many types of hugs. There are hugs to help you "sleep like a log." Hugs that shout... "Yes, oh yes, of course!"  Plus there is the discovery of a duck, pig, fish, or whale hug which are quite endearing. And yet, nothing can compare to a "Way beyond compare hug." 

When a story is woven with perfected illustrations, every reader and listener experiences joy so beautifully crafted that every night it becomes a favorite choice. With pure delight, you and your little one can have precious moments comparing hugs.

As I shared this book with my little ones, our giggles became fun-filled huggles!
Enjoy this engaging story over and over,
Simply delightful!
A must for every home and school library.
Meet the Author:
Caroline B. Cooney
Caroline Cooney knew in sixth grade that she wanted to be a writer when "the best teacher I ever had in my life" made writing her main focus. "He used to rip off covers from The New Yorker and pass them around and make us write a short story on whichever cover we got. I started writing then and never stopped!"

When her children were young, Caroline started writing books for young people -- with remarkable results. She began to sell stories to Seventeen magazine and soon after began writing books. Suspense novels are her favorites to read and write. "In a suspense novel, you can count on action."

To keep her stories realistic, Caroline visits many schools outside of her area, learning more about teenagers all the time. She often organizes what she calls a "plotting game," in which students work together to create plots for stories. Caroline lives in Westbrook, Connecticut and when she's not writing she volunteers at a hospital, plays piano for the school musicals and daydreams!

Meet the Illustrator:
Tim Warnes (Papa Bear) has his home in the countryside of Dorset, England, with his wife, illustrator Jane Chapman (Mama Bear), and their son, Noah (Little Bear). When asked how he felt about illustrating this book, Tim says, "My Christian faith is central to my life, so I jumped at the challenge to illustrate Jesus Loves Me! -- what a great way to use the gift God gave me!" Tim has drawn closely on his own experiences to give us a pictorial celebration of family life, and to share God's love for all of us. The hens you see in the pictures are from Tim's very own backyard.
With over forty picture books currently in print, award-winning illustrator Tim Warnes has been published in more than twenty countries. This is his first book with Simon & Schuster.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Gray by Dorothy Love

Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Gray
ISBN: 9780718042448
Publisher's Synopsis:
Born in bondage at Arlington, Selina Norris Gray learns to read and write in the schoolroom Mary and her mother keep for the slave children and eventually becomes Mary’s housekeeper and confidante. As Mary’s health declines, Selina becomes her personal maid, strengthening a bond that lasts until death parts them.

Forced to flee Arlington at the start of the Civil War, Mary entrusts the keys to her beloved home to no one but Selina. When Union troops begin looting the house, it is Selina who confronts their commander and saves many of its historic treasures.

In a story spanning crude slave quarters, sunny schoolrooms, stately wedding parlors, and cramped birthing rooms, novelist Dorothy Love amplifies the astonishing true-life account of an extraordinary alliance and casts fresh light on the tumultuous years leading up to and through the wrenching battle for a nation’s soul.

"Slavery is a terrible legacy.

But the problem is one that can be resolved only gradually,
and with God's help."

MrsK's Review:
In 1873, "there was a time when Arlington was a magical place." A place in which Mary Anna Custis Lee knew thousands of rolling green hills, working in her mother's gardens, and the joy of teaching the children how to read, write, and do their sums. Her days were endless, her upbringing was comfortable and her determination to help in the efforts of the American Colonization Society was her cause. As the only surviving child of George Washington's grandson she valued the history and personal belongings of America's first president. Her heritage and her Arlington home were part of a legacy that would touch many lives. Yet, her love of her husband Robert E Lee would prove to be her most treasured blessing.

For Selina Norris Gray her training as a seamstress for the main house didn't go as planned. Her first worry was about her learning once Miss Mary married. She knew that one day freedom would come, she knew she had to learn a skill that could take her beyond Arlington. Years later, she would pick up the guardianship role for Arlington and Mrs. Lee. Her devotion to Mrs. Lee would become the saving grace of Washington's Arlington, as well as the most valued friendship of two extraordinary women.

"How much of life is by one simple moment decided."
The seamless weaving of these women's lives is profound. There is so much more to the story of Mrs. Robert E Lee. So much more to the story of a slave girl waiting for her freedom. So much more of an insight as to the character of General Robert E Lee. As these lives unfold, as a reader, you will be encouraged with their loyalty, their love and their determination. Historical facts that were not made known until a trunk was discovered in 2007, will open your eyes into the depths of what it means to be an American; one who is focused on others and making choices that are sound and just.

"True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must
undergo and withstand
the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."
George Washington
Meet the Author:
Dorothy Love
Before returning to her writing roots in historical fiction, Dorothy Love published twelve novels for young adults. Her work has garnered numerous honors from the American Library Association, the Friends of American Writers, the International Reading Association, the New York Public Library, and many others.
"I received this book for free from the Fiction Guild for this review."
Thomas Nelson

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)
ISBN: 9780142425831
Publisher's Synopsis:
After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.

Now, it's the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see. Who have scattered Earth's last survivors. To stay alone is to stay alive, Cassie believes, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan Walker may be Cassie's only hope for rescuing her brother-or even saving herself. But Cassie must choose: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death. To give up or to get up.

"I don't cry for myself.
I cry for the Cassie that's gone."
MrsK's Review:
An intrusion in 1995 leads to a plan that will change every one's life. Cassie never had a chance to live out the "normal" teen years. The 4th wave happened. For now, she is trying to survive in the woods and the nights are getting colder. To build a campfire is too risky. The drones are everywhere.

The top steps of the bus were almost too high for little Sammy's legs. Cassie can't believe that her father allowed them to be separated. Once Sammy gave her his bear, he made her a promise that she would meet him at Camp Haven. A promise that will mean death for many.

"Do you know how to tell who the enemy is, Cassie?"
Evan Walker doesn't like what he has become. As a finisher, he is the one to track down and exterminate those who are hiding. It all started once the 4th wave crept into his little sister's body. Tracking this girl who "slept with a teddy bear in one hand and a rifle in the other," wasn't easy. Why couldn't he finisher her?

At the camp, Private Zombie is given charge over the littlest recruit. For now, his charge will need a lot of comfort, extreme training, and the transformation that begins in getting rid of those memories and hopes of his sister's arrival. Following orders means you live. That is until the removal of the tracker brings reality crashing in around you and experience the 5th wave.

With characters that you root for and some you want to see fail, you will be in a mode of survival. Angst will become your adrenalin rush as you as turn these pages. Do you think you have the grit to make it to the end?

"The eye will take care of her."

Amazing read
Added to GMT library shelves!  

 The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave, #2)   The Last Star (The 5th Wave, #3)
                 The Infinite Sea #2                    The Last Star #3                    
Meet the Author:
 Rick Yancey  Rick is a native Floridian and a graduate of Roosevelt University in Chicago. He earned a B.A. in English which he put to use as a field officer for the Internal Revenue Service. Inspired and encouraged by his wife, he decided his degree might also be useful in writing books and in 2004 he began writing full-time.

Since then he has launched two critically acclaimed series: The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, for young readers, and The Highly Effective Detective, for adults. Both books are set in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Rick lived for ten years before returning to Florida.

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