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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boosting Schools' Value Without Spending a Dime

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With our economy heading into unknown financial challenges, educators across America are wondering what will be happening to their contracts, their student requirements, and national/state educational standards.

Washington Post's Jay Mathews is trying to come up with avenues beyond the "government" influence as to how we as educators might think outside the box and stand together as a school team with better options.

Read the above article and check out his blog.....there are some excellent "pondering/debating" articles to discuss at your next staff meeting.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sam's Interactive Reader

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A wonderful reading experience for primary readers. Using this site with my grandchildren has been such a source of joy. When they arrive, it is straight to the computer, after a few hugs, and they get started with Sam's stories. It doesn't matter how many times they may have heard the story being read to them....they continue to listen and practice reading right along with the story.

Visit the site, download Sam's interactive reading room, then relax and enjoy this delightful Internet connection.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adopt an Author Program

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Take a moment to check out this new program for young adult readers and reluctant readers. What an inspiring way to get your students connected to an author whether you are a teacher or a librarian.

Registration is free, but necessary. You will have access to curriculum connections and interactive websites. There is also a writers connection to the Megsite ( ) that will help students in every phase of writing, including how to get publish.

Enjoy creating moments by connecting your students with an author,

February's Finds

Hello Educators,

Sorry for the bit of a much to do and so little time to get it all accomplished.
This month's reading selections hit a wide range of reading subjects yet I know that you will find a nugget a inspiration to take back into your classroom:

Next Stop Reading Junction

Doctors Urge Parents to Read

Reach Out and Read

Taking the Kids: Books Fill the Dead Times on a Trip

Kids can Help Arthur Find a New Friend

Playaways and Audio Book Research

Enjoy these reading updates, happy inspirational journeying......

Meet Author Robin Gunn

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Have you ever read a series and adored the writer's work? Well I have numerous times. What is so great about meeting authors and reading their work is that once you get older.....they are still emerging as writers and new characters get born.
That is what is happening with Christy Miller's author.

Robin has branched out into a new series for beginner readers, Mrs. Rosey Posey is a delight made for those moments of reading giggles.

A must order for Elementary Libraries............

Enjoy this fun new character,
Mrs K

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