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Monday, May 26, 2014

Dinotopia: First Flight

Dinotopia, First Flight
20th Anniversary Edition  James Gurney Dinotopia Web connection
ISBN: 9781606600573

Net Galley Description: 
 "Critics have gushed over Gurney's phantasmagorical creation, likening him to such venerated literary fantasists as Jules Verne, Wells, and J. R. R. Tolkien." — People MagazineJames Gurney's illustrated Dinotopia series has been an imaginative touchstone for a generation of readers of all ages. This new definitive edition of Dinotopia: First Flight brings together an extensive collection of James Gurney's stories, artwork, and story notes from the ancient origins of the land where humans and dinosaurs coexist. That peaceful world was forged on the flames of conflict in a dramatic Age of Heroes. First Flight tells a timeless tale of partnership and courage, where unlikely heroes cooperate to overcome the greatest challenge yet to face Dinotopia.
This lavishly produced volume begins with an unabridged republication of James Gurney's influential 1999 story about the adventures of Gideon Altaire. Gideon escapes from his post as a drone pilot, befriends a small band of animal characters, and becomes the first human to fly on the back of a giant pterosaur known as a skybax. Together they challenge a bold attempt by the rogue leaders of Poseidos to overturn the tenuous balance between humans and dinosaurs.
The second half of the book includes a bonus of over 45 new images, including never-before-published storyboards, concept sketches, and production paintings, plus new characters, stories, and backstory notes from James Gurney's creative archives. The supplement begins with a cinematic treatment about a character named Blake Terrapin, who leads the resistance on the ground while Gideon takes to the air. 
Together, the elements of this richly imagined volume combine to conjure a richly textured world, and will serve as an exciting companion volume to Gurney's other Dinotopia books.

MrsK's Thoughts:
 It was such a delight to revisit Dinotopia on my Kindle during this brief time away from the Library.  Through the years, many of my students, family, and friends have discovered the world of Dinotopia.  The story line creates such a vivid journey.  Every character is crafted with such personality.  The word choice is so well crafted that you can run, soar, and despair with each dinosaur, rider, or partner.  The illustrations enhances the pleasure of the journey.  As a reader I can "step" into the story and journey within this amazing world with all my senses satisfied. 
A journey within the covers of  First Flight will only tempt you... you will find yourself being called back again, and again.  We will not want to leave these quests and challenges.  You will find yourself drifting back to all of these characters, pondering what are they doing while you are away.  Once one adventure is finished, you will want to revisit through the illustrated windows.... and that journey will activate a imagined quest of your own.  You will need plenty of time... traveling within Dinotopia is not a quick visit!
Unfortunately, I was extremely frustrated with this ebook visit... I need to hold Dinotopia in my hands... I must have the illustrations as large as possible in order for exploration... I desire the experience and security of the book waiting for me....

Amazing read... Is on my shelf waiting for me to return!
Enjoyable reading for everyone

"I received this ebook for free from Net Galley for this review."


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