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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Sixty-Eight Rooms

The Sixty-Eight Rooms (Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventure Series #1)
The Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone
The Art Institute of Chicago: The Thorne Rooms

Since I did not grow up in Chicago, I never heard of the Thorne Rooms. Have you?

This book grabbed my attention the minute I saw the title. Once off the shelf and into my hands, I realized this book would be a miniature doll house adventure. I always wanted my own doll house, I tried to build one for my daughter, and I am not talking about one made of plastic. Obviously this book was going to come home with me... and so my adventure began.

On a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, Ruthie and Jack make an unbelievable discovery about the Thorne Rooms. Not only are the rooms "eerily realistic," the craftsmanship is perfected even down to the doorknobs. Their adventure begins when they find an old key, a "For Employees Only" entrance behind the display of rooms, and a journal.

Would you find a way to sneak into a museum once it's closed? Would you be willing to "shrink" in order to discover the secrets within these mysterious rooms?

If you like mysteries, time travel, and miniatures... read this book.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

March's Booked to Dine Choice

With winter chilling our bones, we decided to pick a book that would allow us to travel, provided characters that would prove to be interesting friends, and explore Ireland as if we were on vacation. So we choose: A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchey BBC Tribute Books Author Her last novel takes you to the village of Stoneybridge on the coast of Ireland. Chicky refurbishes an old manor and opens the manor, Stone House, to it's first guests. This tale is woven in and amongst the stories of those guests and their one week in winter at Stone House. This book was such a valued choice. We adored Chicky. Her grit and determination to move on with her life, move back to Ireland, and restore a mansion seemed to us like a dream come true. Everyone of the characters came to life as if a movie was flickering on a screen. We cheered Winnie and Lillian's journey within a cave. We were stunned to learn the truth about why Nicola and Henry were at Stone House. We were very pleased when Miss Howe left early. And we were very interested in what Chicky and John could possibly do next. Although this was the last book written, we spent so much time discussing what the author would have done with these characters. Would there have been a sequel? Maybe a reunion? This book entered our hearts, and left us wanting so much more. One of the best, from one of the best.... We will miss further adventures with Maeve.

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Happy Reading, MrsK

Saturday, March 22, 2014

And so our journey begins... Since the first book I could read on my own, which just so happens to be Little Bear... I've collected, shared, edited, discussed, taught, story told, reviewed, and been enchanted with all forms and genres of literature. It is true , there really isn't enough time for all of the journeys and discoveries that await you in a book. Once again I will travel anywhere the books lead me... Only this time I would like to take you with me on the journey... So get a delightful cup of comfort, settle into a nice relaxing spot, and check in to see what is worth reading... MrsK

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