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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cryptid Hunters series

Thunder Cave
  Thunder Cave became my first adventure with the author Roland Smith.  This book has been my favorite novel exploration for every classroom since I began teaching.  The setting is in Africa and is so visible within the reader's mind that you hear and feel every aspect of the region.  The adventure that awaits Jacob is not only a "page-turning-must read on" journey, it is one in which Jacob's life is always a heart-beat away from ending.  This book has all the presentation bells and whistles: characters that you remember; great voice; imagery and word choice that entices every sense; hooks and cliff hangers; and most of all a desire to learn more about saving endangered animals...especially the elephants.
Cryptid Hunters

So when it came time to read Cryptid Hunters, I knew I could trust reading this book aloud as a cold read with my class.  Not only is this book about an always intriguing topic (cryptid creatures believed to be extinct), but it deals with an Uncle who is an anthropologist living on an island.  The 13 year old twins, Grace and Marty, are sent to their "unknown" uncle and a journey that never ends.  Of course there are emotions, hair-raising adventures, frustrated bad-bad men, and unknown danger.  From the falling out of the sky, or the cutting your way through the Congo, or the stillness of the pond, or the frustrating anger with the environmentalist and his thirst for all creatures to own and display in his version of Noah's Ark.... you will begin a series that will not disappoint you.  Can they survive until Wolfe comes to rescue them?  Will they be able to keep the egg safe or will Blackwood find them or kill them for the egg?  What is up with Blackwood's statement... aren't they twins?   You have to begin this journey..... Grace and Marty need you..... because the journey does continue....
Tentacles  Tentacles continues for Marty, Grace, and Marty's best friend Luther.  All of the characters are woven in and out of this newest adventure.  The twins are still protecting the dinosaur's egg.  Yet now their journey takes an unexpected twist and they will be joining the crew aboard a refitted freighter.  With Blackwood still seeking what the twins are protecting, all of the ruthless and murdering sabotaging chaos continues. Consider being in an undersea "nuclear" submarine, or maybe you might like get some of the newest gadgets for tracking and communicating your location, or just maybe it might be that Bo (chimpanzee) and PD (pocket-size poodle) and Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod (dolphins) will keep you entertained.  Which ever aspect of this series keeps you hooked.... you know you must continue... you have to finish with Marty and Grace.... you just gotta... because  Grace is in for big, big trouble and it will take everyone to keep from..... 
Chupacabra!  So I will not give the cliff-hanger away... but let me tell you Grace is not happy.  Blackwood has kidnapped her.  She has to find a way out of his beyond secured Noah's Ark (animal museum in Seattle, WA).  She doesn't have much time because Blackwood is up to more than "no good," he is planning on releasing an engineered chupacabra into society.  It will take everything from everyone to save Grace....  The chupacabra is on the run, it devours everyone in its way.... Blackwood is at his best in hurting, hunting, and being evil..... Just when the series appears to be at its end... now is the time to prepare... for the Mutation is about to begin.....

Amazing read
Added all these titles to my shelf
And the adventure continues..... Are you ready?

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