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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dragon in the Sock Drawer Series

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers Series #1)
Our Green Mt. Bears book club began a journey into "There Be Dragons," and what an amazing quest we were on!  The Dragon in the Sock Drawer has been a favorite read aloud and so picking up the journey of Emmy proved to be just as delightful. 
Meeting Jesse and his cousin Daisy becomes a relationship with new characters that will be everlasting.  In spite of the reason for Jesse's trip to his cousin's house, he gets an unexpected adventure when he discovers a thunder egg.  No one is expecting the thunder egg to hatch, and yet it does and a baby dragon becomes their quest.  Not only do they need to learn about being dragon keepers, but how does someone hide a baby dragon who is growing and always hungry. How can you keep a baby dragon from wanting to explore?  With the help of  their Librarian they discover a dragon keeper's guide which leads them to the internet site of Professor LB Andersson, Doctor of Draconology. There is so much fun, many adventures, and the best of all.... a little dragon that takes your heart.
This is a perfect read aloud for all 3rd graders.  Excellent word choice and outstanding characters.
The journey continued with The Dragon in the Library.  By now the baby dragon is growing, growing, and such a reader.  Not only does Emmy have to be incognito as a very large sheep dog, but Emmy gets to help pick out books in the public library.  Can you imagine the potential for chaos?  Well, that library invites its younger readers to an overnight with their pets and that's when you meet the library's Self-Elves.  They are fabulous care-takers of all books (dragons).  During this journey the cousins must save the Professor from Saint George's Princess.  That's right, the legendary St. George and the Dragon becomes real for Jesse, Daisy, and Emmy.
 The Dragon in the Library (Dragon Keepers Series #3)
 This series is a perfect "any time" read for 3rd graders, family and classroom read aloud enjoyment!

Amazing read
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