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Monday, July 21, 2014

Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company by Homer Hickman

ISBN: 978-1-59554-662-3
Book Look Synopsis:
The Earth is devastated and the worst elements of humanity are determined to take over the moon. It's up to the settlers of the harsh, gray moon to fight back.

Kidnapped by an evil group intent on the destruction of the world and capture of the moon, Maria Medaris, co-leader of the moon's richest and most powerful family, initially fights for her life, but is soon dazzled by the promises and enticements of her captors.
Crater Trueblood, once rejected by Maria but still in love with her, and Crescent, a female bioengineered warrior fiercely loyal to Crater, use their cunning and deadly skills to come to her aid.

But will Maria be on their side when they get to her? And what of the Earth itself which is in the crosshairs of a destruction not seen since the massive extinction of the dinosaurs?
The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

MrsK's Review:
This is the third book in the series.  It begins with Dr. Maria Medaris (now 21) going about her daily duties for the family's Medaris Enterprises in Armstrong City.  With slick transports, the world of social bloggers, shimmering workpads, lauchpads, and illegal "gillies," Dr. Medaris' day never ends.  Have I mentioned that all of this takes place on the moon?

As the plot thickens, you will discover that not all creatures made by man are well designed.  Not all families have a loyalty that will endure temptations... greed... and protection of those closest to them.  With an explosion at the sight where the Tombaugh Telescope project was underway, a life altering kidnapping was occurring.  Dr. Medaris is taken and everyone is looking for her.  There was no warning... no clue as to her took her... and definitely no way that she will come out of this without facing the truth about her family.

The only hope she has is with Crater Trueblood.  Not only did Crater and Dr. Medaris have the only two "gillies" left in the universe, they at one time were very interested in each other.  Crater must find a "fuser" that can fly.  He will need the help of those that he once trusted and he will need to get to L5 quickly.

While Dr. Medaris is being tortured by a biologically manipulated creature (BKD4284), her father is busy planning a take over of the Medaris family enterprises.  Given a financial takeover, the Colonel must enter space and get to L5 before all of the enterprises become worthless or worse... Will there be a coup?  Will everything the Colonel has designed become exposed?  Will Dr. Medaris keep her silence and endure the torture?  Will Crater Trueblood save Dr. Medaris?  Will either of them survive and if they do, what will the moon look like once the invasion is over?  Will those delightful "gillies" get over their feud?

This is a great mystery with excellent action scenes and powerful characters that you will either support or hate.  The futuristic technology is well defined so there is never a moment that you are confused about what the innovations can or can't do.  The only area left to discover in space is how the author will get Crater, Crescent, and Dr. Medaris out of L5 and safe from each other!

An excellent Sci-Fi adventure... a must for every classroom and library shelf!

 Crater     Crescent
Meet the Author:
A U.S. Army veteran, Mr. Hickam served as a First Lieutenant in the Fourth Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1967-1968 where he won the Army Commendation and Bronze Star medals. He served six years on active duty, leaving the service with the rank of Captain. 

 In 1998, Delacorte Press published Hickam's second book, Rocket Boys: A Memoir, the story of his life in the little town of Coalwood, West Virginia. It became an instant classic. Rocket Boys has since been translated into eight languages and also released as an abridged audio book and electronic book. Among it's many honors, it was selected by the New York Times as one of its "Great Books of 1998" and was an alternate "Book-of-the-Month" selection for both the Literary Guild and Doubleday book clubs. Rocket Boys was also nominated by the National Book Critics Circle as Best Biography of 1998. In February, 1999, Universal Studios released its critically-acclaimed film October Sky, based on Rocket Boys (The title October Sky is an anagram of Rocket Boys). Delacorte subsequently released a mass market paperback of Rocket Boys, re-titled October Sky. October Sky reached the New York Times # 1 position on their best-seller list.

He began employment with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at Marshall Space Flight Center in 1981 as an aerospace engineer. During his NASA career, Mr. Hickam worked in spacecraft design and crew training. His specialties at NASA included training astronauts on science payloads, and extravehicular activities (EVA). He also trained astronaut crews for many Spacelab and Space Shuttle missions, including the Hubble Space Telescope deployment mission, the first two Hubble repair missions, Spacelab-J (the first Japanese astronauts), and the Solar Max repair mission.
Thomas Nelson
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