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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ninjago: Comet Crisis by

Title: Comet Crisis (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition), Author: Greg Farshtey
Greg Farshtey and Jolyon Tates
ISBN: 978-1-62991-046-8
Publisher's Synopsis:
The Masters of Spinjitzu are stuck on a comet, having traveled through space to save the World of Ninjago from the Nindroids. As they race through the stars, it becomes apparent that they are not alone on the comet. Something has stowed away… something not of their world!

MrsK's Review:
So are you ready for a cosmic crisis?
 "Thousands of asteroids pass Ninjago every year,
and no one gives them a second thought.
After all, they’re just hunks of space rock..."

Or so they thought, that is until they end up stranded on an asteroid.  You do know that there are not any grocery stores on asteroids, but of course that will be the least of their challenges. Who sabotaged their rocket? Who would be willing to plant the missing Framastat on Kai? Or was it Jay? Wait... no, it's an imposter!  Just what is going on?

"Anything that travels can carry a passenger."

Are you ready... I wasn't ready for all of the fun with these stranded Ninjago space masters. The graphics are lively, the characters are quite silly, and the evil Nindroids are so frustrating. This is a perfect opportunity to share the joy of space travel as you are zipping around to save the Ninjago world.  

Do you remember reading the Sunday comics? How when you read the silliest comic block,  you just had to read it out loud to someone else? Remember how much fun you had sharing those great snippets of entertaining conversations, so animated... so humorous... so well crafted!  This is one of those great advantages for having an eBook... you can share it over and over!

So much fun... so ready to share... enjoy this graphic novel and pass it on,
A must read,
Meet the Author:
100 1227 300x225 Lego Ninjago: Authors & Artists  Greg Farshtey is the New York Times-bestselling author of over 50 novels and graphic novels. Prior to his work on LEGO NINJAGO®, he was the main creative force behind the popular BIONICLE series. He lives in Connecticut with his daughter.

Meet the Artist:
 Jolyon Yates WEB1 Lego Ninjago: Authors & Artists  Born in England, Jolyon Yates studied graphic design and illustration at Cambridge and Exeter, and Japanese arts in Sapporo, Japan, as a guinea pig in a college exchange program. He lived in Japan for several years, during which time he contributed comics, articles, and illustrations to magazines such as Anime FX. Jolyon also met his future wife there. He became a US citizen in 2008. His first paid comics work was the story “Tancho” for Mangazine. He completed artwork for the award-winning web comic Revvelations in 2010. He’s been a regular contributor to G-Fan. He makes a brief appearance in the movie TNGU (2012) for which he drew character designs. He is very happy to be working on LEGO NINJAGO but fears losing the ability to draw fingers, ears, and noses.

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