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Friday, March 6, 2015

Heave Ho! by Jose Lucio

Title: Heave Ho!, Author: Jose Lucio
ISBN: 9780990890508
Book Synopsis:
 Heave Ho! is a children's book about teamwork and outside-the-box thinking. When a cheerful little worm pops his head up above ground, he is surprised and grabbed by a hungry bird. The worm must get help from his other worm friends, but the bird has help too...which leads to an intense tug-of-war battle. The battle goes on until the worms are losing ground no matter how hard they try, which leads one worm to come up with a new idea!

MrsK's Review:
Such a delightful tale. Reminiscent of the Russian folktale, The Turnip, this story is about a happy little worm traveling outside its tunnel to play. Remember the saying, "An early bird gets the worm," which I don't believe anyone bothered to tell the little worm, well let's just say that there is a curious black bird looking for something good to eat. As that black bird nabs our happy little worm... let's just say it will take a bit of ingenuity to end this "tug-of-war." 

On the black bird's team is a cat (obviously stalking the bird), and a dog (I'm rather sure had no intention of looking for any worms). On the happy little worm's team are four friends. No matter how much each side "Heave-Ho's" Who do you think will win?

Amongst giggles and gasps. With story-time shouts of "Heave-Ho!" Our Library friends put everything they had in to helping the not-so-happy little worm. With the last great bit of heroism... all of our story helpers were rolling on the ground in joy and laughter.

With a collage technique, this tale brings an irresistible invite to young audiences. They simply have to hold it, they must "yell" those words of encouragement, and they eagerly claim it as their book of choice to take home and read it again.

This happy little worm has more than a few "play" friends, 
Enjoy this delightful read aloud... over... and over... again,

So enjoyable! 
A must add to every Library Collection!
Meet the Author:
Jose Lucio is an Illustrator living in beautiful Savannah, GA. You can catch him in his personal studio working on freelance projects, or just down the street at the Scribble Art Studio, where he works as an instructor.
 "I received this book for free for this review."
Interview with Jose Lucio: January 31, 2015 - 12:13am: by Anne Hart
What do you hope children will take away from “Heave Ho!”?
“I hope, first and foremost, that children get a sense of enjoyment from the book. Any deeper messages there waiting for them will be lost if they aren’t initially captivated. That’s the great thing about kids, they’re really honest; if they don’t like it, they’ll let you know.”
What are the advantages of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing?
“I can’t really speak for traditional publishing since I haven’t been directly associated with it. But surely the No. 1 advantage to self-publishing is complete creative control. I’ve worked on a lot of creative projects before “Heave Ho!” I’ve always just done them because they were something that I was interested in and wanted to do. I didn’t have to wait for someone to give me the go ahead or help me along. But for some reason with this project I got hung up on trying to get published for a long time. Because of the publishing dilemma, I had been sitting on the book for years. I would always tell people about it and address it as a ‘one of these days’ sort of thing. After long enough of that, I asked myself ‘Why am I approaching this any different than the other projects I work on?’ That’s when I went forward with the self-publishing.”
What advice do you have for people who have ideas for a children’s book but are intimidated by the writing/publishing process?
“Talk to everyone about it. This helps in so many ways. It helps to iron out any ideas you’re working on, and it helps to find leads on what to do next. You never know, maybe someone you know has a cousin who ‘knows a guy’ in the field.”
Which was the most challenging part of the book process - illustrating, writing, publishing or promoting?
“The marketing. I’m still figuring it out every day. It’s all the cold-calling or should I say cold-emailing that can be tricky for me. I’m definitely not a salesman, but luckily I think the book speaks for itself. That’s why book festivals and readings have been the best avenue for me. It’s a matter of the physical book being there in front of them, instead of trying to get someone to click a link from an email of someone they don’t know.”
What is the most rewarding part?
“Seeing and hearing how the kids really enjoy the book. At readings, the kids love shouting out ‘Heave Ho!’ as another worm comes to help out the worm buddies. They also get excited when they pick up on the foreshadowing elements in the illustrations, which are in many of the pages.
“One of my 5-year-old students at Scribble Art Studio got the book for Christmas. When she came back to class, she was quoting the book to the other kids, which of course made me incredibly proud and overjoyed. Moments like that are priceless for me, because those kids don’t know the difference between self-publishing and the major publishing houses. To them, my book has just as much a chance as the other books on the shelf.”
Any plans for future books?
“There are definitely plans for more books in the future. When I established myself as a self-publisher, I did it in a manner that would secure spots for more books under my publishing house Annelidical Books. Get it? I have one in the works now about a group of chickens making the transition from caged to free-range, and all the scariness that the unknown brings with it. I’ve also been thinking about a counting book with our wormy friends from ‘Heave Ho!’”

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