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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Redo Your Room: 50 Bedroom DIYS You Can Do in a Weekend by faiThGirLz

ISBN: 9780310746324
Publisher's Synopsis:
Faithgirlz! and Girls’ Life magazine team up with Redo Your Room, a fun new book girls nine to twelve (and possibly even their older sister!) will love to flip through again and again. Containing tons of fabulous room makeover ideas, Redo Your Room offers step-by-step instructions that help readers create a whole new look for their bedroom without breaking the piggy bank. Girls will be inspired by the creative, stylish, and resourceful tips as they discover their inner designer.

MrsK's Review:
Since your bedroom is the place you spend most of your time...
"It should be a reflection of who you are.
Maybe you're ready for a grown-up room,
but don't want to give up all your favorite stuffed animals just yet.
Use this book as a guide to transform your bedroom into a cute,
comfortable, relaxing, inspiring and happy place..."

This DIY idea book is full of creative ideas that you can do with little-to-no money. If you could transform your room into your own retreat, what would it look like? How would you get started? What or how would your parents be involved? What would be your theme? Do you know which colors and textures inspire or comfort you? The organization (steps in the process) are easy to follow and perfected for even the smallest corner of your room. Have fun and enjoy discovering your own style! 
  • Shape Your Space: (pgs. 7-11)  start with a vision journal (get those magazines and begin cutting and pasting
  • Get Organized: (pgs. 12-15)  de-cluttering while packing away your younger treasures
  • Sculpt Your Style: (pgs. 16-19)  your statement about what is useful, necessary, pretty, and comforting
  • Smarten Up Your Study Space: (pgs. 20-38)  getting crafty and organized
  • Dress Up Your Bedroom: (pgs. 39-57)  favorite T-shirt pillows, postcard your travel dreams, scarf quilts and jewelry shades
  • Wake Up Your Walls & Windows: (pgs. 58-73)  neck scarf curtains, clothesline with clipped art, floating crated book shelves
  • Cute Up Your Closet: (pgs. 74-90)  handbag organizers, framed jewelry spots, candy jar corrals
  • Glam Up Your Vanity: (pgs. 91-107)  vintage vanity tray, makeup mason jars, empty perfume bottled vases
  • Everything Else: (pgs. 108-123)  glittered magnetic dots on a tin/cookie sheet, teeny terrariums/fairy homes, braided rugs
  • Make It Yours: (pgs. 124-128)  keeping it clean, freshly scented, sleepover favorites
During every season of your life, there will be an emerging self that can be embraced, celebrated, and inspired. If you are feeling lost or lonely, do something good for yourself... why not redo a mason jar just for your make-up brushes? Why not cut and paste a "dream" journal that shows what you think is beautiful, unique, or inspiring? Why not fix up a little retreat corner of your own? Doing good things for yourself doesn't always mean buying something that will be discarded in a week or a month. Passing on some of your treasures can bring joy to someone else and a new space for you to re-make.

Enjoy celebrating over your changes,
Fun... Creative... Inspiring... 
A new room for a new season!
Check out the Blog for inspirational crafts, recipes, and sneak peaks!

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