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Monday, August 24, 2015

Picture books worth sharing in your classroom

by markjohnson on January 31, 2012
What's new to our shelves this year?

Every Librarian is gearing up for the beginning of the "best school year ever." We spend our summer searching for the best new titles. We check the bounty of resources for those "jewels;" the titles... those favored and trusted authors... reviews upon reviews... book store adventures... and of course curriculum connections across the content areas.

How can you plug into the "bounty" for your classroom. Just ask us... What can we do together to ignite the thrill of discovery into our student's hands? There are so many wonder-filled connections. Here are a few to begin with:

And then of course there is the delightful "old school" option... browsing the shelves (libraries, stores, garage sales, friends, or book clubs). I have posted a few of my favorite "summer" discoveries (The Looney Experiment, Wonder, Rain Reign (listed on the What's New review link), A Snicker of Magic (listed on the What's New review link), What's New in Children's Books , Thankful, Aoleon, Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy, and  Pipsie the Nature Detective,).

Just a few more:

 Louise Loves Art  I adore this book. Not only is Louise creative, committed, and adorably obsessed with her very own Art gallery. Her little brother is inspired by her artistic ability, as is her cat. There are so many options for this book. It is definitely a read aloud; a re-read; a 6-Trait model for organization and voice; and a great "Leader in Me" choice. (K-8+)

Little Elliot, Big City  The one thing that Little Elliot loves is cupcakes. The one struggle Little Elliot has is that he is never tall enough to pay for the cupcake because no one notices him, "sometimes it was hard being so small in such a huge place." Then one day Little Elliot discovers "someone even littler than himself." Together they can discover so many new experiences. Little Elliot's story is filled to overflowing with great discussion connections. The illustrations are so perfectly matched with Little Elliot's size and struggles. It is a delightful read aloud! Librarian's this is a must for your beginning of the year storytime. (Pre-2)

 Quest  Quest is a journey beyond words. When two friends in the park are handed a map and some objects everything around you can change. And, if everything can change... then courage, determination, observations, quick-thinking, and imagination will be necessary. Of course, there is the pressure of a little challenge... a quest... to save the King and his people from darkness. So whimsically organized. Outstanding connection to every 6-Trait including Presentation. (Pre-8+)

 Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos  Getting lost in the wonderment of the mysteries of the cosmos... does anything really compare to star gazing for engaging your inquiry? 
 "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were,
but without it we go nowhere."
Carl Sagan
Who was Carl Sagan? How did his imagination and wonderment lead him into the discoveries of the cosmos? Whether you are familiar with his discoveries or not... you know that deep delight of discovery every time you look to the Heavens. Those what-ifs about traveling to the stars. If you have seen or read anything connected to Science Fiction, or ever been to a planetarium... you know the intrigue to what it would be like to explore another planet... or if there is life anywhere out there. This biography about a little boy named Carl is organized through the perspective of a child's wonderment as it leads into inquiry and a life's quest beyond what was known. (2-8+)
 "We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself."
Carl Sagan

 fpo  Princess Magnolia might enjoy hot chocolate and scones, yet she has a secret. A secret so important that even a visiting nosy duchess can not discover. With the ring of her ring, the princess must excuse herself from the duchess and "run" into action. Princess Magnolia lives near the entrance to Monster Land and stopping monsters is a high priority for a princess with a secret. With the help of her unicorn, Frimplepants, she will charge through the forest to rescue the goats from the monster attack. Duff the goat boy is unprepared for the monstrous attack... and  yet, he discovers there's a new way to make monsters retreat...
"Horswaggle Hop!
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Smash!"
Continue this series to see if Princess Black's secret is still a secret. Will the Goat Avenger get a call on his goat bells the next time the monsters come calling? 

As always, it is my hope that a flame of interest will lead you to discoveries beyond what is already on your shelf...
Then share... share... and re-share with each and every reader that crosses the threshold of your classroom...

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