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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Lost Prophet by James B McPike

ISBN: 9781508420729
Publisher's Synopsis:
After one of the Holy Land's most sacred monuments is destroyed, the Ministry has to turn to their most prolific investigator to solve the case-Vince Ramsey. He soon discovers that they are facing a graver threat than any of them could've imagined. It seems the enemy's primary objective is to abolish the remains of biblical prophets-and wipe out their very existence from history. With all-out war on the brink in the Middle East, Ramsey must stop the person responsible before he strikes again. Following clues through an ancient landscape rich with peril and religious undertones, he eventually is led to a remote desert inside Jordan where Deuteronomy 34:6 states: "God buried Moses . . . but no man knows of his sepulcher unto this day." Backed by a foreign superpower-the enemy has every intention of uncovering the elusive burial place. But can Ramsey prevent another horrific travesty with worldwide repercussions from happening . . . or will the villain accomplish his final blasphemous act?

MrsK's Review:
"Here Lies the Great Hebrew Prophet

"Just follow me, please, and I will show you the highlight of our tour..." Holy sites create such a sense of being grounded. An inspiring "truth" when history can welcome you back into the fold. Unfortunately, many sites are entangled with controversial ownership... re-written history presented as truth... consistent vandalism... and threatened destruction. 

While enjoying the "blissful" Tahitian shores, Vince Ramsey and April Fulton were cherishing all of the splendor of the moment. Drifting thoughts of just giving up their old life and reinventing a new "islander" life was very tempting. An enjoyable dream... until a mysterious message was passed onto Vince. Did the bartender give him a used napkin by mistake? Who even knew where to contact him? What could be so urgent?

Daniel Kopinsky, a counterintelligence techie for the Ministry of Jerusalem, knew all about the "most brilliant investigator," Vince Ramsey. The only one who could track down and stop the power behind the destruction of the holy sites of the Prophets. While Vince and April have been away, the Tomb of Prophets became nothing more than rubble. Who committed the "atrocious" act? Who would have absolutely no "regard" for the sanctity of human life, history, or the "priceless" shrine?

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) knows that such destruction is connected to someone loyal to ISIS. Vince is trained, and perhaps the only one who can track, eliminate, and deliver justice for such atrocious attacks of evil.

Once back in Israel, Vince learns of another target. This time it will prove catastrophic for the ministry and IDF. Who is this woman caught on tape? What is her connection? Who is the mastermind behind the destruction of the prophet's tombs? What are they after and why destroy the sites? There must be a central, command location... can it be found before any other site is destroyed? 

Vince's biblical training leads to discernment about various scriptural passages, its depth of meaning, and burial location of the most sacred biblical prophet in all of history. Will he be able to keep the remains of Moses from harm?

"How were you able to ... defeat those Israeli soldiers?
In the shadowy backseat something of a diabolical snicker crossed
Markovich's face. No one else saw it..." 

As the body count increases, time is running out for Vince. Once the identity of the "Bandit" is learned, you are drawn in to the arrogance of evil. Embedded within the plot is the truth that this evil is not against man (completely insignificant), it is against God and eliminating any "sign" of the holy prophets. With diabolical schemes "exploding" across the Middle East, you will become anxious as the pace shifts into an extreme chase. The characters are not super human, they endure doubt, pain, and rage against a force that appears to be "protected" and dismissive. The biblical locations are perfected with simplicity, as well as intrigue (I found myself looking online for added information and of course those visual connections). I had not read the first book, Realm of the Unknown, but now that I am "hooked" on these characters and their missions... it won't be long before another review will be written!

While you are waiting for your copy, here are a few aspects for exploration:
  • The King's Highway: Numbers 20:17-21
  • Mount Nebo: 2 Maccabees 2:4-7
  • The lost prophet: Deuteronomy 34:6
  • Prophetic timeline: Jeremiah 32:20
  • Kir of Moab: Isaiah 15:1
  • Kerak Castle
  • Raphael: Tobit
  • Mount Salvat
Enjoyable, Inquisitive, and Illuminating
The Cave of the Partriarchs
Tomb of Zechariah (right) and Bnei-Hezir cluster (Left).
Quick, Engaging, Poignant
Captivating biblical intrigue!
Meet the Author:
   McPike's latest novel THE LOST PROPHET won the PACIFIC BOOK AWARD for the Christian Mystery/Thriller genre. His 700-page debut novel FINAL OUTCOME won the SILVER MEDAL from READERS' FAVORITE in the Christian/Fantasy genre. It was also nominated with 5% (50 of a 1,000) books from the publisher for the 17th EVVY Awards. He won the Ponderosa Lion's Club Spelling Bee in 1997. A year later he was an Honorable Mention for the William Saroyan San Joaquin Valley writing contest. He currently resides in Fresno, California. Be sure to look for his next book THE EMERALD CAVE in early 2016. He welcomes readers to contact him through his website at
"I received this book for free from the Author for this review"
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