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Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Dream of Miracles by Ruth Reid

A Dream of Miracles (The Amish Wonders #3)
ISBN: 9781401688318
Publisher's Synopsis:
When Mattie and Bo cross paths, all signs point to disaster. Yet as they face a crucible of trials and tragedies together, longings begin to stir that seem destined only to end in more heartbreak.
And will Mattie find the courage to face her uncertain future . . . or will she simply run away?

MrsK's Review:
"Be not far from me, for trouble is near, for there is none to help."
PS 22:11
What began with a doctor's visit for Mattie's son Nathan, unravels into a horrifying experience that will threaten Mattie's motherhood, friendships, livelihood, and heart. Mattie is a widow who is trying to keep all the threads of life weaving forward along this journey as a single mother. She is strong in faith. She might not know the ways of the world, but she knows what she must do when the authorities are threatening to take her children away. No matter what people think, Mattie is a wonderful mother. She has done no wrong, and her strength will be found in trusting God, her faith in His word, and maybe... just maybe the compassion and guidance from Bo.
"God, I feel like the psalmist.
I have no one to help.
If trouble is near, please don't be far from me. Please."

Doctor Wellington is filling in for Doctor Roswell. Not only will Doctor Wellington misdiagnose Nathan's symptoms, but she will open the door for an investigation into Mattie's ability to care for her children.
"I strongly advise you not to refuse medical care for your child."

Bo Lambright is the CPS investigator called to Community Memorial. He is a man whose observations are accurate and who has compassion for all of those involved in his cases. He understands and knows the ways of the Amish and isn't convinced that Mattie has done anything to endanger her children. This investigation will lead Bo beyond his typical involvement and he will need to call in some assistance from Judge Nettleton. Will his "bending of the rules" cost him his career? Will his determination to help Mattie lead to a trial?
"Lord, is it too much to ask for an easy, open-and-shut case?" 

Erica Davis is on her first field assignment and thinks she is as qualified as Bo. She is determined to climb the ladder and unfortunately has a wealth of high profile connections. What she doesn't have is the background information about the Amish, nor the experience as a skilled observer. Her involvement will place Mattie in the mode to flee with her children.

Judge Nettleton is Bo's mother. Even with a political career in the making, she will be led to make a decision to trust Bo's observations. When evidence is given that a financial contribution was given to her platform, the Judge will need to decide what is important in life.

The anxiety in which Mattie must remain strong is at times unbearable, of course that is what makes a perfect read! This Amish story will twist and turn, there are many threads expertly woven. Before the reader realizes the direction in which Mattie's life is unfolding, the characters will experience changes that can only be made while walking in faith.

Experience Mattie's faith journey,

A Miracle of Hope (The Amis...  
Book 1     Book 2

Frustrating with disturbing choices, strengthened with inspiring faith, and expertly woven!

Meet the Author:
Ruth  Reid  The simplicity of the Amish lifestyle has intrigued me for years. While attending college at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, I lived with retired dairy farmers and had the opportunity to meet many of the Amish in the area. I’ll never forget skipping classes one day to watch a barn raising. I was amazed at the craftsmanship without use of power tools. I’m still intrigued today. I love learning about their firm devotion to God and to each other. I’m blessed for the friendships formed in the process of writing my books.

"I received this book for free from the Fiction Guild for this review."
Thomas Nelson

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