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Saturday, December 12, 2015

5-Minute Bedtime Treasury by Precious Moments

ISBN: 9780718043193
Publisher's Synopsis:
Delight your little ones with these sweet Precious Moments® characters as you share beloved Bible stories and comforting bedtime scriptures with them.
The five-minute format helps parents create a meaningful bedtime. With paraphrased stories from the International Children’s Bible®, you’ll nurture a love for God’s Word.
Take five minutes before bed to create a special connection with your precious child.

MrsK's Review:
5 minutes a day! 5 minutes to instill the beauty and joy of our Lord's love into the hearts of every little one under your charge. Beginning with our creation and ending with the revelation of God's promise for our Lord's return, this treasury is crafted as a lasting legacy for every precious child of God.

With the sweetness of  John Burt's precious moment images, every bible story is illuminated with the joy of God's promises, goodness, faithfulness, guiding light, and graciousness. Within the pages you will find a guide for bedtime routines. A family legacy page outlined as a family tree. A section to record your little one's record of growth and church ceremonies. Included are sections for recording special prayers from their prayer warriors, as well as a special prayer page for you to record their first spoken prayers. A true "treasury" of their precious life.

The organization of this treasury took me by surprise. I thought of a treasury as a collection of stories. What I discovered was a treasury of a child's legacy.

Uniquely crafted blessings to be passed from one generation to the next,
Meant as a child's precious moment with you.
Designed as your precious moments with them.
Inspired by the precious gifts of God's faithfulness.

"I received this book for this review."
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Thomas Nelson

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