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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eggy Yolk and the Dirty Rotten Dozen by Joe Nipote

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ISBN: 9780985541767
Publisher's Synopsis:
Life for the oval citizens of Eggville is generally sunny-side-up--- until the day Farmer Gregg rides into town, cracked and leaking badly. He warns Sheriff Eggy Yolk that Hardboiled Harry and his notorious gang, The Dirty Rotten Dozen, are responsible and are on their way to take over Eggville!

Sheriff Eggy asks for deputies, but the terrified Townsyolk just scramble away. Completely abandoned, the brave sheriff must face the despicable despergeggos alone.

MrsK's Review:
The Dirty Rotten Dozen

Are you ready for some fun word play? Everyone will smile with as silly puns "spin" this delightful tale. With pure delight (including giggles and forehead slaps) the tale begins:
"It was a bright sunny-side-up morning in Eggville, 
and the happy oval Townsyolk were sizzling with eggcitement..."

This "yolktale" spins a true western yarn about a new Sheriff, the town being tormented by a gang, and the traditional ending with the gang heading to jail. Now before you make the wrong choice, let me just say... this tale needs to come home with you! There is nothing usual about this tale. It is so entertaining. It is pure fun. It brings everyone together just like any tale should. It requires silly voices, laughing, viewing the pages, and most of all it requires an audience.

As this book was being shared, our family (one-by-one) began getting involved. Our reader would smile or try to hold back her mirth which caused her audience to roll will laughter. The illustrations provided endless discoveries, including the directive to pinch your nose as you read in a nasally voice (a must for page 15). Finally, as with any western... there is a ballad to be sung, re-sung, and sung over and over.

Caution... this tale will be re-read... the tale will be memorized... the tale will be sung... the tale will live on!
So gather 'round... it's time to tell you the tale of a Sheriff named Eggy, about the townsyolk of Yolkville, and the time when the "super stinky despereggos" came to town....
Such an "eggstatically" good read!
Add it to your home, bring it to your school, and get it for your school library shelves!

The Dirty Rotten Dozen
 Meet the Author:
  Joe Nipote
Joe Nipote is an actor and comedian, best known to children as the voice of Uncle Stretch from the film Casper, and as Uncle Marco from Suite Life on DeckJoe is passionate about performing for children all across the country, spreading the values of Eggy Yolk. 
Eggy Yolk And The Dirty Rotten Dozen is Joe's first children's book and, like Sheriff Eggy, he loves to crack jokes and make people laugh.  Unlike Eggy, Joe eats eggs every day.
Meet the Illustrator:
Anna Nipote is an artist and photographer whose work transcends many different artistic genres.
Eggy Yolk is her first children's book.  Like Sheriff Eggy, Anna does not care for all the "hoopla" and would not enjoy wearnig a clothspin on her nose.  Unlike Eggy, she cannot play the YOLKELELE.

"I received this book for free as an editor and reviewer." 

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