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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Renegade Realms by Donita K Paul

Two Renegade Realms (Realm Walkers Series #2)
ISBN: 9780310735816
Publisher's Synopsis:
Cantor, Bixby, and Dukmee must band together to find the storied realm walker Chomountain after a devastating attack by the corrupt Realm Walkers Guild.
But what they discover while traveling turns their mission upside down: the great wizard is not as he once was, and they must now find a way to restore Chomountain before they and he can restore the Guild once more.

Realm Walkers takes place in a brand new world woven together with a sci-fi/steampunk flair. The first book, One Realm Beyond, is now in stores!
"His light globe didn't reach into the darkness between the library stacks,
but a swish of fabric and a slight movement gave away the speaker's position.
She stepped into the circle of illumination, and Cantor bowed deeply."
MrsK's Review:
It is always a thrill to review a book for an author that you admire. The settings are invitations requiring you to step within and experience the story as it unfolds. The characters become your friends, your conspirators, and your foes. The faceted wisdom is woven as layers awaiting your discernment. The creatures are trustworthy shadows of your childhood imagination.

"In the middle of this ordinary stone room,
his mor dragon sat on a colorful, cushy chair, 
conveniently provided by his own
shape-shifted wings and tail." 

In this second novel, the quest in freeing Chomountain will require the wisdom of the ages, strength in seeing beyond what is in front of you, a desire to restore that which is of value, and determination to keep strong during the battle. Once you open the cover, you are within the "aged" library where all things are kept including those that would do you harm.

"The last two years have been spent re-establishing the Realm Walker's Guild... 
But the diminishing number of realm walkers is a worry in all the realms." 

Traveling through the caverns appears safe unless choices become lost within the maze. Crossing the lake and releasing Chomountain will provide assistance for the Realm walkers. Yet, the myth of the Toombalians could be an altered reality cloaked with a disillusioned entrapment. An aspect that would cost them valuable time.

"As they approached, the fisherman pulled in his line and waded ashore to meet them.
Of a wiry and slim build, the man was old, with short-cropped white hair and a long white beard.
Suntanned and spry, he wore blue pants tucked into rubber waders and a plain green shirt...
His belt was of fine leather tooled with a fancy design... 
Welcome to Bright Valley."

Who is Old Trout? Will he be the one who could lead them to Chomountain? Old Trout makes everything he needs. Could you imagine using all of your knowledge to make your own clothing and shoes? Would you know how to make furniture or "oiled paper" windows? What about a garden or a smoke house or even a "drying shed?" Cantor thinks they have been led astray, Bixby and Dukmee aren't sure. What if Old Trout has some type of a connection with Chomountain?

"He can't be Chomountain if he doesn't read.
How can the right hand of Primen not read?
He'd read and read in every language there is, wouldn't he?"

Whether they find Chomountain or not, they must stop the Lymen invasion. What ever Errd Tos plans for these Realm walkers, they must keep trying, they must endure with optimistic determination. What will be their turning point? Could it be a mechanical portal? Could it be a "talent" in which a quill and paper could point them in the right direction (this was my favorite part)? How will the Whirl of Knowledge and a "maelstrom of learning" be used for the good in their quest? Or will Errd Tos use it for evil?

One truth remains to be discovered:
"Oh, Primen, I'm making a mess of this.
I'm taking on more than I need to, aren't I?
You've provided all these companions with different talents for different purposes.
And I'm trying to take all the responsibility... 
Do I just barge in and take charge...
You always listen to me, don't you?" 

Given their talents, some mysterious hampers, the wisdom of Primen, and trustworthy friendships, these Realm walkers will see their quest through to completion. For they shall "put on their shoes and go with it."

Enjoy this journey...
Amazing journey... Excellent characters... Fantastic plot!
Added to our Green Mountain Library and our home shelves!
Meet the Author:

Donita K. Paul retired early from teaching school, but soon got bored! The result: a determination to start a new career. Now she is an award-winning novelist writing Christian Romance and Fantasy. She says, “I feel blessed to be doing what I like best.”
She mentors all ages, teaching teenagers and weekly adult writing workshops.
“God must have imprinted 'teacher' on me clear down to the bone. I taught in public school, then home schooled my children, and worked in private schools. Now my writing week isn’t very productive unless I include some time with kids.”
Her two grown children make her proud, and her two grandsons make her laugh.
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"I received this book for free from for this review." 

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