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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Whoosh of Gadoosh by Pat Skene

The Whoosh of Gadoosh
by Pat Skene
ISBN: 9780985541743
Publisher's Synopsis:
The air sizzles with excitement when kids catch sight of Gadoosh and her wild purple hair. As her floppy inside-out shoes leave the ground, the whooshing caper begins and magic buttons fly everywhere. Wacky as Dr. Seuss and reminiscent of Mary Poppins, this enchanting tale whisks us into a world of love and laughter.

"With pops and bangs, poofs and splaaats,
she whooshed the kids like acrobats.
Gadoosh's buttons filled the air.
Press Here To Start bounced everywhere." 
 MrsK's Review:

It is with great joy that I can review a book that I once edited. This marvelous story has been re-released and every educator K-12 should bring it into their classroom. The word choice is wacky, fun, and engaging. The story line is crafted with imagination, yet has an endearing "quest." Characterizations are realistic, yet portrayed with a whimsical quality that shouts "fun!"

"Gadoosh lives on the street.
They say that she's got magic feet.
I hear she sleeps without a bed,
upside down, right on her head." 

Gadoosh is what we would label as homeless. Although her "gift" is more valuable than any adult would choose to acknowledge. That is until Jaimy and Jake befriend her.   
 "She wore a shawl around her dress.
Her hair looked like a frizzled mess.
Her sparkling eyes began to dance.
The kids adored her at first glance."
With all the fun of whooshing here and there, you realize that the kids are trying to find the perfect place for Gadoosh to live. She goes to school and the class is whooshed into the air. Miss Pitts reminds the children that Gadoosh can not stay at school. So off they go to the building with a "H" on top:
"That's when he squeezed Gadoosh's hand.
She grinned and seemed to understand.
Then Jaimy whispered in her ear;
'Let's go, Gadoosh, they need you here."

Such fun, such delight... you must meet Gadoosh and learn to whoosh!
A must add to your shelf... for all ages... especially if you do not know how to "whoosh!"

Meet the Author:
 Pat Skene   
 Ask Pat Skene to share memorable career moments and you won’t hear much about her 25-year banking career, complete with designer suits, high-powered meetings, world travel, bonuses and budgets with too many zeroes to count.
Instead, you’ll hear about the children gathered at Pat’s feet as she tells them stories. Recently, one member of her audience was captivated but painfully shy, so her friends served as emissaries. Pat recalls, “After the story, her friends came up to me and said, ‘She’s too shy to ask, but she wonders if she could give you a hug.’” Suddenly, Pat and the child were embracing, with the others joining in for a heartfelt group hug.
“As exciting as my career was, nothing ever gave me the rewards I get from children,” says Pat, who retired from the banking business four years ago to pursue her passion for writing.

Meet the Illustrator:
Doug Keith  Doug Keith has illustrated over thiry books and has earned a variety of awards, including an Emmy for his graphics work at KIRO Television in Seattle.

The watercolor and colored-pencil illustrations in The Whoosh of Gadoosh demonstrate Doug's playful sense of fantasy. His lively compositions and unique perspectives make this book a magical masterpiece. 

"I received this book for free as an editor and reviewer."  

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