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Friday, June 13, 2014

28 Tricks for a Fearless Grade 6

ISBN: 9781459406193
Net Galley Synopsis:
Dave Davidson's heart is in the right place. He believes it's his mission to cure his friends of their fears. But his solutions are hare-brained at best and often come with unintended and hilarious consequences. Afraid of dancing at the school dance? Dave's got ways to fix that: sprain an ankle, eat expired food to get sick, or even get yourself suspended for a few days. Have a public speaking phobia? Dave can fix that for you too: get laryngitis, forge a note from a therapist, or get your friends to hold up cue cards. This hilarious new novel will appeal to reluctant tween readers, especially boys.

MrsK's Review:
Are you ready for some fun... this book will not disappoint you!  Right from the beginning, you will delight in Dave.  His many ways to overcome fears is the topic of everyone's conversations.  Not only does Dave have an odd punk-rocking teacher (Mr. Papadakis), he is just handed a flyer about the back-to-school dance.  Now, I don't know about you, but school dances can be a bit intimidating and for Dave and Eric it becomes a fear that begins rolling out of control. First Dave decides to practice a few dance moves with his dog, Maisy.... "She flattened her ears and tucked her tail, deeply embarrassed to be dancing with a human. She jumped away at the first loud drum roll."  Next up is to practice with his friends. He tries to help Eric but "...It's painful to watch!"  So Eric must find a way to conquer his fear of dancing that won't involve a long healing process.  When all else fails, the guys decide to learn a few steps as a group effort.  How the dance goes will be for you to discover.

For Andrew's fear of public speaking (without throwing up) is not only genius... it's hysterical.  I can't even give details with out fits of hilarity bursting forth.  Seriously, as an educator... this would be one of those life-long memories that you share over and over.  Let's just say that with the visual, with the intensity of the moment, and the innocent desire to help a friend... everyone in the classroom is treated to the best speech presentation about our digestion system.

Next up is Vanessa's fear of dogs.  I get this one.  If you have ever had a doberman licking your neck, well let me say it was not on the top of my list as the best moment of my life.  Dave decides there must be certain stages for this fear to be faced and forced away.  It doesn't look good when he helps Vanessa to the final stage, his wonderful dog Maisy gets the fear "screamed" out of her and Vanessa has decided to walk away with her fear.  That is until Dave discovers the truth about Robbie's dog.

Finally, Dave is ready to help Claire's fear of the future.  This is such a well organized, soundly developed, and completely entertaining (did I forget to tell you that Dave and his friends have a band...) closure to this book.

This book is a perfect read-aloud for any 3rd-5th classroom.  Every Librarian must share these hysterical moments of inquiry and cause/effect.  If you are reading this by yourself, beware you will be laughing out loud and trying to share with anyone you can!

Amazing read 
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cath winter 2011 I grew up in Kingston, Ontario, the youngest of five children. I studied political science at Queen's University and environmental studies at York University before moving to the Ottawa area to work in the conservation movement.
I wrote short stories in my student days and published about a dozen in small literary journals. I didn't write much fiction for several years, while working full-time and starting a family. Eventually, I quit office life to raise children and write freelance - both of which I still do. I sometimes miss my old work and feel like I should be doing more with my life. Sigh.
I wrote my first story for children in 2003, and I am now starting to get the hang of it. My first book, Walking Backward, was published with Orca in 2009. I've since published several books and won several book awards. I write for all ages.
I live in Aylmer (Gatineau), Quebec with my husband and two sons and too many pets. We live in a little house with a big yard full of rodents, rabbits, and the occasional fox and falcon. It is inspiring.
"I received this ebook for free from Net Galley for this review."
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