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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disney Fairies #15: The Secret of the Wings

DISNEY FAIRIES #15: "The Secret of the Wings"
ISBN: 978-1-59707-729-3 
Papercutz Synopsis:
In Pixie Hollow, all the seasons flourish side by side, and past the Summer Meadow, just beyond the Autumn Wood lies an icy land of secrets! When Tinker Bell ventures into the Winter Woods, she discovers Periwinkle, her long-lost sister, but the happy reunion is short-lived when a mysterious freezing storm suddenly threatens the Pixie Dust Tree. Tink and her sister must find a way to work together and restore balance to the seasons if they hope to save Pixie Hollow.

MrsK's Review:
"Oh, my! This is beautiful," Lena exclaimed with such joy.  You just can't imagine the thrill in your heart when a grandchild has such awe about a book.  Tink was a friend of mine when I was so very young and continues to be a friend three generations later.  Miss Lena knows Tink, she has seen all of the Disney movies beyond numerous times.  And yet, at the moment I clicked this graphic novel, her eyes were wide and she could not wait to read those character bubbles.  As I began reading, her young whispering chimed in.  This wasn't a Granny storytime adventure, oh no, this was a Lena and Tink reading moment.  With joy, I scrolled and Lena read.

Moving beyond the joy of sharing a GN with my grandchild, I pondered what was the attraction to a GN that created such a "new" experience in spite of all the prior experiences.  When Lena began scrolling on her own, I ventured into Lena's experience.  You know this story, you've seen the movie so many times... what makes this so exciting?  "It's just so beautiful... so real..,"  When I asked if she missed any of the parts of the movie that weren't in the GN, she fiercely flashed me a look and said, "This couldn't be any better, the movie is wonderful, this is amazing!"

So Tink's GN is a winner.  Presenting the joy of discovery, beautiful art work, Tink's amazing personality.... and yes, what a reader loves the most.... a journey not to be forgotten but experienced again and again.  The only way to make this better is to give the graphic in book format to be cherished anywhere, at any moment.
Enjoyable reading for everyone, a must own for your shelves!

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