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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Puppy Powers#1: A Wishbone Come True

Puppy Powers #1: A Wishbone Come True
 ISBN: 9780545617598
Kindle ebook
Lexi Torres has to face the cold, hard truth-her parents are never going to relent on the NO DOGS ALLOWED rule.

Or are they? When a mysterious pet store comes to town, Lexi suddenly has reason to hope. There's something special about the animals at Power's Pets. . . something downright magical!

Getting a Kindle book to review is still a bit new for me.  This fun story had me hooked as soon as Lexi showed up to the toy store and witnessed the cat turning on the light and the dog taking down the "For Rent" sign.  Lexi's unbelief about the Toy, Toy, Toy store leaving town was an emotional literary connection.  I know the sadness when a favorite and safe spot is no longer a place to find adventures.  And yet, Lexi was not prepared for the adventures that were waiting for her within this new pet store.

With an invitation to come and meet the pets, Lexi is surprised by the cute little puppy named Luna.  Mr. Power is positive that Luna is the dog for Lexi.  Lexi is sure, yet her parents just wouldn't allow her to have another dog.  As Luna does her delightful trick, her parents agree that it is time for her to get another dog.  What could have happened that changed their minds?

Once home, Lexi discovers that Luna's trick creates sparkles to whirl around those who are watching.  Why do so many decide to tell the truth to her once those sparkles appear?  Why does Mr. Power only take in animals that need a certain family?  Could Luna help her make peace with her best friend before he moves?  Can she really help Mr. Power after school?

If you have a special pet, this is a great new series.  The storyline will hook you into returning the Power's Pet Store again and again.  It is a great chapter book for independent readers whom are just beginning choosing their book adventures (Gr 1-2).

Enjoy meeting Lexi, Luna, and Mr. Power,
Enjoyable reading for everyone... Will be adding to our Library shelves!

"I received this ebook for free from Net Galley for this review."
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