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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kat McGee Saves America

ISBN: 9781497492073
Net Galley Description: 
The Fourth of July. Parades, fireworks, apple pie--and an amazing history of American freedom and revolution. Kat McGee doesn't know what she'd do without her favorite summery celebration of all things patriotic... but if she doesn't travel back in time to work her holiday-saving magic, she's going to find out--and fast. It's 1776. Thomas Jefferson has been kidnapped. The Declaration of Independence is gone. And the country's brilliant past rests on a young woman from the future, aided only by (the Statue of) Liberty, a young John Quincy Adams, and a whole lot of summer holiday spirit.
MrsK's Review:
While browsing for my next reviewing journey, I was immediately attracted to the bold "American" colors and the delightful illustration of Kat McGee.  What a cutie, I wonder who is this delightful character?  Why have I not heard of her before?  Whether its a title or the book's cover... if it calls to you, you have to follow by opening its cover. Once opened, the next greeting I received was the title "Summer Bummer."  How could this sweet little charmer have a bummed summer.  As an educator, I am always right on the tales of our students.

As our students are rolling out of the parking lot, I too am filled with joy at the prospects for an amazing adventure. Kat's summer offered, "Aqua Thrillway, Flag Day in June, three weeks at Camp, family vacations...even all the way to Seattle to see Gram!  She also loved lazy days spent reading by Lake Micmac....most of all, Kat loved the 4th of July."  Until Kat was 5 minutes late for the POFF's student ambassador meeting.
Prior to those fatal 5 minutes, Kat was sure she would be voted in, which of course meant that she would be allowed to " the floats, help order the fireworks and decide on the parade lineup..."  After all, the one teacher on the committee was Miss Libby.  Hadn't Miss Libby been the one teacher who helped turn her social studies grades around when she encouraged Kat, "I promise, one day it will CLICK!"  Miss Libby claims, "...history is so exciting that if Kat learned the dates and events that changed America, Kat would feel as if she was magically traveling back to that time."
With that backdrop, Kat arrives home with such despair that those 5 minutes cost her all of her hopes and dreams for the 4th of July.  And yet, Gram was there!  During dinner, Gram asked, "...what do you think of when you think of the 4th of July?"  "...who was the father of the Declaration of Independence?"  Once Gram realizes that they are missing its full meaning, Gram decides that a road trip was needed.  A museum trip? 

Kat couldn't imagined that things could get any worse. As they entered the museum, Gram informed Kat that she trusted her to help when needed.  She gave Kat a sparkling ticket and reminded her, "...magic is not on demand.  It's thoughtfully crafted for a necessary reason, a willing giver, and a deserving recipient."  Just then a commotion begins and Kat discovers a door with a sparkling, star-shaped doorknob.  Looking closer Kat realizes "...that there is a slit in the center that looked like a ticket slot."  Suddenly Kat is yanked off the ground and finds herself looking into deep hazel eyes of a lady who is green and stating, "Kat! Finally! What took you so long? I was beginning to think Gram had forgotten about us..."  Bewildered, Kat begins her journey in Libertyland and helping to locate Mr. Jefferson and the most important document of time, the Declaration of Independence. How will Kat comprehend a living museum, time travel back to 1776, and righting the injustice of forgetting what the 4th July truly means for all?  Will the chalkboard of change allow her access to 1776?  Join Kat as she meets a young John Q Adams.  Time travel will require new clothing, and Mrs. Ross is the best seamstress for the job.  If you are looking for a quick ride to save the Constitution, who else but Paul Revere would you trust.  

Don't wait, take this adventure before the 4th passes you by,
Kristin Riddick doesn't look good in hats, but she seems to wear a lot of them. Her voice has been heard on shows such as One Tree Hill, The OC, Everybody Hates Chris, and Chuck, and on-camera she recently played opposite Megan Mullally on Fox's Breaking In. She's written a screenplay, a pilot, a middle-grade book, and a lot of memorable thank you notes... so she's told. She teaches Pilates and spinning to stay sane, may have a super power or two, and takes a lot of chances riding her bike all over Los Angeles because she gets road rage when driving. A native of Corpus Christi, Texas, Kristin graduated from The University of Virginia and currently divides her time between LA and Austin with her multi-talented producer husband David Kirkwood

Enjoyable reading for everyone... Will be adding to our Library shelves!

"I received this ebook for free from Net Galley for this review."

Publicist: Saira Rao

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