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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swan Point by Sherryl Woods

ISBN: 9780778316428
"The friends are the only things I've brought with me through the years that really matter," she says. "I could probably live without one more chintz teacup, another tin-litho sandpail or another snowglobe, but I need those friends."

Publisher's Synopsis:
#1 New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods draws readers back into the world of strong friendships and heartfelt emotions in Serenity, South Carolina.

Determined to build a new life for her family after her divorce, Adelia Hernandez has bought a home in the historic Swan Point neighborhood of Serenity. Promoted to manager of Main Street's most fashionable boutique, she feels revitalized and ready for a fresh start as a single mom. But barely into this new independent phase, she crosses paths with the sexiest man to hit Serenity in years.

Gabe Franklin, back in town to make amends for past mistakes, has no intention of settling down, but Adelia's proving irresistible. Cheered on by their friends, "the Sweet Magnolias," Gabe is bringing long-absent passion and laughter into Adelia's life. To his surprise—and hers—sometimes a rolling stone is just what it takes to build the rock-solid foundation of a family.

"Woods' readers will eagerly anticipate her trademark small-town setting, loyal friendships, and honorable mentors as they meet new characters and reconnect with familiar ones in this heartwarming tale." —Booklist on Home in Carolina

MrsK's Review:
I was first introduced to Sherryl Woods' talent as a romance author when I opened the covers of Angel MineAll of these years later, I depend on her characters to provide me with great entertainment, especially if I'm beginning my summer break.  Of course Christmas break has very tempting and satisfying titles as well.

The Sweet Magnolias are exceptionally fun women.  They gather together for support, laughter, problem solving, sharing strength, and comfort.  Once they make a stand... well everyone takes a step back and watches their plans blossom.

As a mother, you probably know or know of someone who has been in a relationship/marriage that is not only abusive, degrading, and oppressive... but is pushing the wife beyond the healthy limits of acceptable treatment.  It is so difficult to fight off such controlling behaviors from a spouse.  You must have the support of everyone in order to make the choice to leave and begin again.  When we meet Adelia, she has just finalized her divorce.  She is moving into her new home and into her new season of life.  Her focus is on helping her children make this life changing adjustment.  Living in the small town of Serenity, comes with perks (friends, a quaint clothing store, a yummy bakery, and those you have grown up with), there are also the draw-backs (an ex-husband and his new girlfriend, ex-marriage friendships, non-supportive family, and judgements).

On the day that Adelia pops into the bakery, a stranger catches her eye.  Gabe is back in town.  He grew up in Serenity.  He made some wrong decisions, once upon a time.  Now he has returned to rectify what has bothered him all of these years.  The connection is a few much-needed upgrades at Adelia's new home.  What becomes renovated... is a friendship and love that is built upon mutual respect and true desire in placing each other first.

With characters that are witty, settings which are crafted with Sherryl's trademark of serenity, these two lives begin...  This is a perfect read for any summer day or as a traveling companion.

Enjoyable read
"I received this ebook for free from Net Galley for this review."

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